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Is your industrial or business pavement damaged? If yes, iPRO Paving can handle all of your asphalt paving needs. We are one of the leading asphalt contractors who deliver customized services based on your budget and unique needs. After thoroughly evaluating your requirements, we determine the best action plan to perform efficient and reliable asphalt repairs that tend to remain in shape for years. Being in the industry from past many years, we follow the latest technique and approach to bring your pavement back into integrity.

iPro Paving can do it better, we don’t need to cut the around the asphalt patch we just place the Infrared Patching Asphalt Recycler machine on top of the patch let it heat (cook) the asphalt for about 10 to 15 minutes , rake it ,compacted and it’s done. The old fusion way they have to cut around the patch remove the broken Asphalt and Install New Asphalt and the edges of the patch WON’T BLEND, like we blend all our patches.

This way is Faster, Recycle your own Asphalt.

Our Services


Asphalt Patches

We fixyour existing pavement potholes with our state of art machine using the latest infrared technology.


Asphalt Repair

We use state of art Infrared Patching Asphalt Recycler Machine to repair the pot hole and other uneven driveway damage.


Blend Driveway

We recycle your existing driveway asphalt. You get better blend and save movey at same time.

Save Money and Time! Get best results with our new technology.

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Corporate | Commercial | Industrial

We Do It All!

Whether you want to get your corporate or industrial asphalt pavement repaired, iPRO Paving can do
it in a better way. We don’t cut the asphalt around the patch, instead ust place the machine on the top,
heat the asphalt, rake it, compact it and done.


I love your asphalt repair stuff. I must say its been 6 years and the patch is surviving till now. Thank you guys for the restoration.

The guys at iPRO Paving were awesome. They showed up on time and repaired my office pavement in just few hours. It is now looking even better than I imagined.

I have the task of repairing potholes inside my industrial lane. I called iPRO and am extremely impressed by your repairs. Great Job. I greatly recommend you!

Our Efficient Infrared Asphalt Technology

No matter the job is complex or simple, our infrared asphalt technology allows us to do pavement repairs that go beyond your expectations. We blend the hot-mix asphalt right in with the original and then compact the area to create a seamless restoration. If you notice potholes or uneven surfaces in drive lanes or parking lots, then infrared repair is your ultimate option.

Efficient Infrared Asphalt Technology

We Deliver Intact Asphalt Repairs To Fill The Potholes!